Try new TINGS: Saying no to sugar


Happy New Year! If you think you enjoyed the holiday goodies a little too much last month, join We RUN Tings January 17-26 for our first ever Weakness for Sweetness 10-Day Sugar Detox. No matter where you are, we are in this together!

This event is an interactive, group approach to cutting back on sugar. We’ll post quizzes and recipes on our Facebook page, we’ll track and share our experiences, and we’ll have LIVE check-ins throughout the 10 days. Come check it out!

We also have a lot of other great activities planned for the upcoming months so stay connected:

  • March: Get Juicy – A Spring Ting
  • April: Toronto – Drum and Dance weekend with COBA (Collective of Black Artists)
  • May: Ottawa Race Weekend
  • June: Get Juicy for Jump-Up
  • July: Detroit – SocaSweat Weekend
  • August 4-6: Toronto – We Wuk Up and Wine Tings Weekend
  • September: Toronto – VgnWknd
  • September 18-22: Get Juicy – Fall Classic
  • October: Niagara Falls Race Weekend
  • November 28-30: Get Juicy for the Jollydays

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