Happy New Year! 19 in 2019

Happy New Year everybody! Now that 2019 is upon us, we are putting together our run list for the year and looking for your recommendations. What races have you done? What were your favourites? Or what races are you looking forward to doing or have already signed up for?

We RUN Tings is encouraging our run community (that includes you) to do 19 different runs in 2019. To some, that sounds like a lot of fun. To others, it sounds like a lot of work. And to others, it sounds like a lot of money! That’s why we welcome your suggestions. We want to give a good list of different kinds of runs, different distances, different environments, and different prices (including those that are cheap and hopefully even FREE!).

You can give your feedback in the comments, message us on Facebook, or email us directly at weruntingsworld (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll be back in a week or so with our list of suggestions. Disclaimer: The list is likely to be a LOT of Toronto and Detroit (currently our two main running regions) but suggestions from others will help to even things out (just a little).

Happy Running!




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