About WRT

web - 12860670 - We RUN Tings!It started with a simple idea: Let’s train for and run a 5K. The actual task seemed overwhelming but it was something that we wanted to do, and we knew we could do it one step at a time.

And we weren’t alone! All over the world there were people taking their own steps to get healthier, get stronger, get moving, get better. We decided to work with them to “run tings” all over this world, one 5K event at a time. We RUN tings! is that spirit of coming together.

Since then, we have successfully run our maiden voyage in Detroit (Susan G. Kormen’s Run for the Cure), and we are geared up and training for our next 5K, whenever, wherever! We invite you to share YOUR global stories of training and tracking that 5K from wherever you are. You might just see us there in your corner of the world RUNNING TINGS right there with you.

Let’s do this! See you at the next 5k!


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