Introducing: Callie B.

We RUN Tings would like to welcome our newest Nutrition and Wellness correspondent, Callie Bradford. Callie will be working with us to provide you with great tips for your health in the weeks leading up to our Wuk Up and Wine Tings Weekend — to get you ready to dance in the streets, cross the finish line at your next race, or just look in the mirror, feel good, and smile.

Callie Bradford is a holistic health coach, wellness consultant, certified trainer, and presenter.

She calls herself a recovering addict – food, shopping, and toxic relationships were her drugs of choice. Her health took a major hit. But instead of pills and surgery, she changed her lifestyle and attitude to build physical, emotional, and even financial wellness.

Callie’s focus is food as medicine. She removed harmful foods from her diet, started juicing, and eventually became a vegan. Today Callie is the founder of Transform for Wellness, educating families about nutrition and preventative health. She’s also a co-owner of GO! Smoothies and the author of Apples, Carrots and Kale, Oh My: A Beginners Guide to Juicing.

Join We RUN Tings! and Callie to get Ready for the Road: Mind, Body, and Soul!

You can look forward to Callie’s blog posts starting Monday 06 June 2016.

Click here to find out more about We Wuk Up and Wine Tings weekend.

Click here for more information or to buy Callie’s book, Apples, Carrots and Kale, Oh My: A Beginners Guide to Juicing.

Callie B - WUWT



  1. Julet Allen · June 2, 2016

    where can I purchase Callie’s book- starting my journey with juicing and thinking about becoming vegan

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